EFL Championship 2020–2021

The table below is as at the end of the 2020–2021 season. The alt-3 table for the new season will appear here in mid-October. (Sorry for the delay, due to some local difficulties.)

Table written: Saturday 08 May 2021 at 14:44:58 (London time)
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standard tablealt-3
NorNorwich City4639971146.02.11
SwaSwansea City4617804446.01.74
CarCardiff City4617688846.01.48
LutLuton Town46−1162121246.01.35
PNEPreston NE46−761131346.01.33
StoStoke City46−260141446.01.30
BlaBlackburn Rovers461157151546.01.24
CovCoventry City46−1255161646.01.20
NotNottingham Forest46−852171746.01.13
BirBirmingham City46−2452181846.01.13
BriBristol City46−2251191946.01.11
HudHuddersfield Town46−2149202046.01.07
DerDerby County46−2244212146.00.96
WycWycombe Wanderers46−3043222246.00.93
RotRotherham United46−1642232346.00.91
ShWSheffield Wednesday46−2141242446.00.89

Home and away points-per-match rates:


The league-table rankings are shown in the centre of the table, with the alt-3 league position in bold to the right, and the more standard league-table position (based on points already in the bag, with goal-difference to resolve ties where needed) shown in the grey section of the table, to the left.

In the central dark-blue vertical band are (typically) up- or down-arrows to indicate where teams are higher or lower in the alt-3 table than in the standard table. A solid arrow or indicates a difference of 3 or more league places.

The other numbers shown in the table are:

  • The usual league-table summaries:
    • Pld: matches played to date
    • GD: goal difference
    • Pts: league points accumulated to date
  • The alt-3 league table:
    • ePld: the alt-3 measure of each team's effective number of matches played to date.
      • Where ePld is less than the actual number Pld of matches played, the team has played tougher opposition than average; and vice-versa where ePld exceeds Pld.
      • Where the difference between Pld and ePld is a whole match or more, the team's numbers in the alt-3 table are colour-highlighted (in light green where ePld is less than Pld, and light red where the reverse is true).
      • Where schedule-strength imbalance is so strong that Pld and ePld differ by more than 2.0, the entry in the ePld column is shown in bold type
    • Rate: the league points per effective match played, i.e.,
      Rate = Pts ÷ ePld .
    The alt-3 league table is sorted according to the current values of Rate.

For further details on the method, see The league tables explained and (if you like maths!) The mathematical method explained.